The Motion X4 - simply better


The Motion X4 is a unique precision made vehicle, that gives you the opportunity to enjoy a new way of life and raises you to a standing position so that you can be at eye-level with friends and colleagues. Using the special lift function you can stand quickly and safely and you have the choice of how far up you move so that you are comfortable.


The Motion X4 can be for daily use, sport or for other specialised activities and is distinguished by its unique dynamics, advanced technology and typical German engineering.


The Motion X4 developed from a dream and now can help your dreams come true.


Take a seat and enjoy the Motion X4.

perfect on the golfcourse

Think of new opportunities – experience a new lifestyle  



The Motion X4 is a quality product allowing the mobility impaired to increase their potential, whether at home, work, out and about or in sport.  


Not just another electric wheelchair, the Motion X4 epitomises a higher level of freedom for the wheelchair user and mobile impaired.


Enjoy the outdoors more. Take the X4 down country lanes, through meadows or orchards – perhaps pick some fruit - and relax in the country again, enjoying walks with family and friends.


Golfing, fishing, shooting and archery are at the forefront of sports enjoyed by our users.


Meet people eye-to-eye and appreciate the glances of admirers – you are back at the centre of life – maximise the enjoyment of your freedom.


The Motion X4 offers quality workmanship at all levels; in our factory they are made with love and precision from day 1 up to delivery, and we need to prove that statement daily with each machine!



We represent innovative technology and precision engineering – Made in Germany.




Technology at the highest level



The MotionX4 not only convinces by external high quality, but also through innovative technology.


The Motion X4 allows an upright posture for every activities. The standing function is exclusively developed for the MotionX4 and is ahead of the times. By using the control panel the seat is moved  through a motorized lifting device from a horizontal to a vertical position. At the same time the angles of back and footrest get so adjusted that the user gets into a dimensional stable, comfortable and upright posture with chest and knee straps fixed, which is very close to the natural way of standing. The infinitely variable linear-drive allows to makes it possible to use every position between sitting and upright posture. Even driving in this positon is possible.


In addition, the motionX4 has the following properties, which are different from conventional electric wheelchairs:

• Green technology - through clean battery
• high  affinity in the terrain - through a powerful drive system and tires suitable for any surface.
• Safe  handling and driving  characteristics - through a differential activation of the drive wheels and a 360 degrees rotating rear wheel
• Individual personal customization of the control
• optimal distribution of the total weight - tipping safety in all position

stand up in 7 sec.