FIFH - Föreningen Idrott För Handikappade

Handicapped Organization of Sweden

Behinderten Golfclub

The BGC Austria is one of our associates. Over the last years the BGC Austria organized the European Masterchips for handicapped golfers. Take a look at it.

Nederlandse Golfvereniging voor Gehandicapten

The NGG Holland is also our associate The NGG promotes handicapped golf sport in Holland.

Federazione Italiana Golf Disabili

The F.I.G.D. has been our associate for years. It is the only acknowledged handicapped golf organization in Italy.

European Association Golf Physio Therapy e.V

Our associate, Dr. Hochmuth, European Association GolfPhysioTherapy e.V. stands for healthy golfing for handicapped and non-handicapped humans.


Disabled Golf Club Germany e.V.

The BGC is the only handicapped golf club acknowledged by the DGV.

Dietrich Grönemeyer Foundation

Therapeutic exercise programs and golf programs for mobility impaired people.

German accident and emergency

The german accident und desaster relief helps inellectually challenged and handicapped people worldwide.

German Wheelchair Sports Federation

The DRS is the german organization for wheelchair drivers, who want to participate in sports.


European Disabled Golf Association

The EDGA is the European Disabled Golf Association.


The specialist for all kinds of golfclubs. Very experienced in building clubs for handicapped golfers.



Kidswing International makes handicapped children and youths find new joy in life by playing golf.

Koschi the Encourager

Author of the book 8x8 des Lebens
"Mach es EINFACH - und dann - MACH ES einfach!"

The Spa Hotel, Mar Y Sol, Tenerife

The only hotel in Europe, which is absolutely wheelchair-accessible. If you want to relax or enjoy active holidays, then you are right.

The rehabilitation Scout

Great knowledge base for wheelchair drivers. It's worth looking.

Wildemann Foundation

Promotion of handicapped sport and integration.