The company

Powerbasetec is a small sized company that specializes in active mobility.

Since 2002 we manufacture in our own factory the Motion X4.
For 2 years we have added the Handbikes the company with Stricker in our offer .
We not only distribute but also offer a comprehensive service for our customers.
The owner Christian Nachtwey is itself affected and therefore knows exactly what needs to wheelchair users are in the foreground .

The most important aspect of our work is the satisfaction of our customers , so we manufacture our products according to high standard 's and with the best components currently available on the market.
Whether lithium ion batteries , motors or control , everything is designed for durability and Quallität .

In service, we do not compromise , we offer a fast and uncomplicated service .

- Worldwide, our customers within max. Helped 7 days

- Europe within 5 days

- In Germany , within max . 72 hours



 ..... The result of a vision and the desire for a life at eye level ...




the past ....




Technology for Handicapped


For the golfer Christian Nachtwey it isn’t a problem to talk about his handicap. "I can’t walk", he says. Silence. While the now 50-year-old man talks so easily about this, as if he asked  the caddy for another iron, his interlocutor stops. Right now he realizes the ambiguity of the question. Nachtwey smiles. Of course, he knows that the strenght of the game on the green is meant- which is about 21,7.

"In the medium term I want to reach 17 to 18," says Nachtwey. A value that compels an already healthy athletes a lot of respect. In this case, the combination sounds even more impressive. Because Christian Nachtwey is not an average athlete. Not anymore! Since a traffic accident, he is confined to a wheelchair. Diagnosis: "Th 12 fully". Translated for medical laymen: "Below the navel I'm paralyzed."

On 6 June 1997 his life takes a dramatic turn within seconds.



The accident

"It is said that it takes about two years till you realized that you are sitting in a wheelchair", he says. "I’ve realized the whole thing very quickly and accepted the new situation." Nachtwey says that the fact that you can't walk anymore, is the slightest problem for the affected.  "All the other restrictions are much more serious." The treating doctor bluntly informed him that he has to give up his great passion in the future "He said I should forget about golf," says Nachtwey. Instead he advised him to concentrate himself on diving or swimming, "Because at least I still can do this together with my wife."


The gloomy forecast raises Nachtwey's inventiveness. Abandon golfing because of the handicap? No, he is not willing to do that. Nachtwey starts to tinker. The skilled carpenter disassembles and assembles old wheelchairs in his garage .

He sought for a solution that will kill two birds with one stone, road capability and the raising function. "The first frame I built out of wood", he grins. "The blacksmith in our village had to rebuild the frame out of metal." Nearly four years passed until all details have matured.

The patience has paid off. Because of the so-called power golfer Motion X4 the supposedly hopeless case has become a champion.

Nachtwey is one of the elite of handicapped golf. He is the captain of the German national team in handicapped golf and admits regularly medals and trophies in international tournaments. To date the Greatest triumph is the European title in 2001.




Whoever thought that the good results are based on hard training sessions, will be astonished. "I can not afford it", says Nachtwey. "For that I lack the time." Finally, he is a businessman. Nachtwey sells his self developed special device, the Powergolfer resp. Motion X4. In addition, he directs the department of the Handicapped Golf Club Germany e.V.. Partner Bettina (46) is his right hand as a secretary. Both work as volunteers for the BGC. Pure enthusiasm, as he says. But with a clear mission. "We want to reduce the fear of contact and show the people that persons with a handicap belong to normality. In our society and also on the golf course. Besides, the golf sport is a very good treatment option for people with disabilities.

Today the Motion X4 with the current best technology on the market, offers a new piece of freedom for many physically disadvantaged people around the world and it is always nice to see that my idea, of course with the great support of my wife, puts a smile on the face of so many people, says Christian Nachtwey.


The new Motion X4 sparkling silver edition